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We live in a world where cyber attacks are a fact of life.

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  • Penetration testing services mimics an attacker seeking to access sensitive assets by exploiting security weaknesses existing across multiple systems. This service not only identifies individual vulnerabilities but also reveals how networks designed to support normal business operations can provide attackers with pathways to backend systems and data. It helps determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable and the degree of information exposure or network control that the organization could expect an attacker to achieve after successfully exploiting vulnerability.

    At #hackerDesk All possible aspects of application security are tested, including:
    Insufficient filtration of user-supplied data Boundary checks and improper memory management Application logic flaws and race conditions Authentication and authorization bypass Usage of unsafe methods and functions Sensitive information disclosure
    A security assessment is conducted to determine the degree to which information system security controls are correctly implemented, whether they are operating as intended, and whether they are producing the desired level of security. A vulnerability assessment is conducted to determine the weaknesses inherent in the information systems that could be exploited leading to information system breach. Without security and vulnerability assessments, the potential exists that information systems may not be as secure as intended or desired.

    Vulnerabilities can pose significant risks to both businesses’ and consumers’ systems because attacks can threaten the access, availability, or confidentiality of systems, applications, and data.

    Our assessment is based on how easy it is to exploit the vulnerability, the impact of the exploitation, the availability of exploit code, and other factors. These assessments are not subject to rigorous algorithmic measurement, so judgment calls are often made when assigning a risk level.
    Network and Server aduits are focuses on locating flaws in your networks, infrastructure and overall architecture. Tests involve active exploitation of vulnerabilities.

    Our panel of security experts will thoroughly assess your networks & applications, from both a technical and non-technical perspective, to determine security flaws. The result is a detailed report of findings and specific recommendations for remedying any vulnerability found.
    Application source code review is an essential part of White Box Penetration Test or Audit when the highest level of application security is required. Source code review is the most comprehensive and reliable way to find out and eliminate various vulnerabilities in your application.

    Sometimes it is quite hard to discover vulnerability or weakness in application without a detailed code audit. Such vulnerabilities (also known as “0-day” vulnerabilities) are often discovered by hackers who use these vulnerabilities to compromise up-to-date applications with the most recent patches installed. Source code review is also the best way to detect intentional or accidental backdoors in applications that you acquire from third-parties. Certain security standards (such as PCI DSS v1.2, section 6.3.7) also demand review custom code prior to release to production or customers in order to identify any potential coding vulnerability.
    More than 70 per cent of all attacks are aimed at the Application layer. This service examines your web applications from coding and implementation flaws through to other issues like SQL injection and cross-site-scripting, involving active exploitation of vulnerabilities.

    At hackerDesk we provide all sort of Website security aduits. Mail us at plans@hackerdesk.com for information regarding Plans.
    Security becomes very important part of software and application development life cycle. We believe that its better to build secure application from start then finding and patching security issues after development. We provide full development of Web Applications including security assement and using secure code paracties.

    At #hackerDesk, course of Ethical Hacking is provided as per your convenience. With our highly experienced Cyber Security Experts, we provide both online and walk in training courses because we believe that when there is passion, distance in Kms is just another number. With latest technologies like video conferencing we are able to get in touch with you online.At #hackerDesk, we give you the practical knowledge of all the phases of Ethical Hacking in a 6-month course. This course covers OS security, database security, Forensics, Compliance, Network Security and Web Application Security. Also with all you aspirants having time less than that, we have a six weeks course at Chandigarh which is named as CSN (certified security ninja). It is divided into 3 parts- Network Security, OS and Database security and web application security. And to add to the good side, at the end of every course our experts will take practice sessions. Determined? Feel free to Contact Us

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hackerDesk is set up by qualified professionals in the field of cyber security. With years of experience at various levels in the industry coupled with dedication and commitment we are able to offer the best in security related topics including ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.Our aims to provide superior value to our clients through quality service, innovation, continuous improvement. Our long-term goal is to help increase the level of trust customers place in their information systems and networks through the use of cost-effective security testing, evaluation and assessment programs.
Our mission is to assist our clients to better understand their CyberSecurity posture and help to identify high risk areas to protect their vital information. We share our intelligence, expertise and experience.

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